Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Review

Pulsar was one of my first bikes and is the most successful brand by bajaj. This brand has been around since almost forever and we never experienced any major downside. Its an optimal first bike of majority of the people new to bikes. And it is fair enough to say that Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is the fastest pulsar out there hands down. If you are looking to buy your first bike this is what i would recommend as it is extremely rider friendly has amazing style and performance its a complete package.

Now let me start explaining what i personally think about this bike.
The engine doesn't make as much noise as before. If you are a pulsar fan like me i know its a let down but it's not completely quiet either. Its somewhere in the middle.

My first observation was tires, These tires are of an superb quality. The engine however is the same as 200NS, the only different being that this engine recives fuel injection resulting in a smoother engine, crispier throttle response and a power delivery. The bike is more linear and predictable
The only issue that i noticed that it is front heavy and that's something i dislike but other then that it is an amazing bike. According to bajaj RS registers a top speed of almost 141 compared to 136 clocked by NS

Game Time - Elsword Plus my Secret to Ownage

I'm a biker and a gamer too i always keep on searching for new games to try. My first game ever was contra back in the day and it used be one of the most fun time of my life where we used to all get together with friends and just play and basically enjoy. Since that time i've seen been gaming to this date and without fail try new games when ever they are released. Now i'm a big fan of the mmo genre and yes i was a complete addict of Ragnarok and world of Warcraft. Those are extremely close to my heart, I still remember spending up to twelve hours a day in a cafe with friends playing WOW and raiding bosses and stuff. But now i've got into a new game and its name is Elsword.

What's good about it?

  • The art style is amazing.
  • Has a cool feeling to it.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Free to play
Now, let me talk about what are the issues with this game. The first one would be that if you pay for the in game currency you will get lots of advantages and thats a huge turnoff. If you look at most of the games they tend to deliver a really balanced game experience without making it completely unbalanced just to milk money from paying gamers. I have a solution for that tho it is a cheating tool for elsword it can pretty much generate its in game currencies such as k-ching or ED. Not to mention its difficult to explain to my girlfriend when she walks in while me playing this game. 

That would make me look like a pedo 100%
It was directed towards the manga and anime fans and im a huge fan of both anime and manga. 
If i had to review this game i'd probably say if you start playing this game at first you will enjoy it alot but eventually you will start to hate it. Unless you make some friends in game and do lots of pvp but i'm simply too old for that so ill stay out of it now.


A great game to play once but don't expect too much unless you have lots of money or use the tool i've provided above. Have a great time!

Introduction to this blog

This site provides the information about the 10 most luxury bikes in world . In these 10 bikes some of the bikes are CBR 1000R, triumph 650R, Yahama R1, Harly Davidson, Triumph Rocket III. these all bikes are amazing with very smooth pick up and amazing suspensions. it give us the fell of a true rider. The bike that i like the most is CBR 1000R the sound of the engine and its power makes me a true Rider. I have  ride on all these bikes and i have some of them. The sound of the Harley Davidson fatboy make me crazy to ride see the video below

Yahama R1 has the best pick up with its 1000cc engine . It can reach the speed up to 300km\hr.
See the video below